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Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely powerful marketing platforms on which you can grow your business exponentially.

Facebook has 200 million active members and is on target to reach 500 million members by 2011. Twitter is the fastest growing social network with roughly 7,000 new accounts opened daily. With social networking, you can reach out and connect with a worldwide community with the click of a button.

Creating a presence via social media is statistically proven to increase your website traffic. Social media marketing will direct traffic from your social networking microsites, and increase your search engine traffic.

If your business is not strategically utilizing Facebook and Twitter, you are missing out on the opportunity to develop powerful, profitable relationships that can bring you a significant increase in web traffic, subscribers, clients, strategic alliances and targeted media attention. In other words, you are missing out on instant visibility and business revenue.

It is our belief that every business can benefit from a well-researched and creatively-executed social networking plan. Whether your goal is to increase leads, or simply build community, the possibilities are vast when it comes to reaching those goals through the newest online networking trends.
New Media Brand will:

  • Define your unique business or personal brand and define your social network demographic and online business objectives.
  • Create a step-by-step strategic integrated social media plan, incorporating Facebook and Twitter among other platforms, to explode your business.
  • Work with you to determine the best online communities to network in and create your presence on those sites.
  • Provide training for you on the best ways to engage in social networking forums for maximum online exposure.
  • Create social networking accounts, blogs, viral videos and social bookmarks for you.

Our Social Networking Services in a Nutshell:

  • Account Creation | Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube and other Social Networks.
  • Profile Customization | We professionally customize your social network profiles so you stand out.
  • Social Networking Campaign Advice | Consultation and how-to-advice for a successful campaign.
  • Social Network Advertising| Account creation and customization on site such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
  • MySpace Marketing | Professional MySpace design and marketing services
  • Blog Creation, Marketing & Consultation | Blog marketing, blog design, Consultation on Blogging and blog commenting.
  • Social Bookmarking Campaigns | Audience identification, creation of accounts on social bookmarking site Social Bookmarking tips & advice.
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns | email campaigns, videos, social widgets, social applications, facebook applications & more.
  • Viral Video Conception & Campaigns | Planning videos, writing scripts, filming, editing and distributing viral videos.

We have had a great experience building our business through aggressive and strategic marketing on social networking sites. We can do the same for you. From account creation on dozens of social networking websites to the design of custom profiles and branding on these social networks, we know the best sites and the best strategies for each of them.
Contact us to discuss how New Media Brand can help you attract new business through your social media and social networking.


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